Keaton Garrett

ensemble sextet - flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello
duration 5 minutes
written spring 2018
premièred  April 5th 2018 7:00 pm MSU Community Music School–East Lansing 4930 S. Hagadorn Rd. East Lansing, MI 48823 


Program Note:

Aggregate is a piece informed by my love for all things infrastructure. I have always found it fascinating that we build and use structures like roads, bridges, buildings (etc.), every day without marveling at the fact that someone had to design and build literally all of it. The breadth of resources required to achieve even building a road is substantial, and I think there is beauty in that.

This piece, Aggregate, is named after a compound used in construction that consists of coarse, granular particulate materials. My goal was to try to find the right balance between two different textures, one influenced by the many sounds of concrete (the most common building material), and the other more "traditionally" musical.

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