I Find No Peace

Keaton Garrett

ensemble soprano, violin, piano
duration 5 minutes
written summer 2018
premièred June 16, 2018, New Music on the Point Point CounterPoint 1361 Hooker Road Leicester, VT 05733

Program note:

I Find No Peace is a set of three character pieces, each based on a single line of a poem of the same name by Sir Thomas Wyatt. The idea for this piece comes from the song Preface by  FKA Twigs, which itself is a miniature using only the line "I love another, and thus I hate myself." I wanted to create a small collection of character pieces for voice, violin, and piano using other lines from this poem that I felt were particularly moving.

The first uses the title as its text, and is a juxtaposition of relentlessly active music that tries to find peace in small sections of static wondering music.

The second involves various wind sounds that the voice sings over, evoking wind chimes from my backyard.

The last movement is a fixation on the words "I love another, and thus I hate myself."

I Find No Peace
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